Release Date calendar
December 1, 1988
Platform joystick
Acorn Electron
Game Type type
Max Players players

Atomsmash The nuclei of all elements with less than 17 electrons have become unstable. In an effort to save the universe, you are your ship have been reduced to sub-atomic size. Five 'gluons' have been provided for each element. Collect each one from the bottom of the screen and take it to the nucleus. To leave a gluon in the nucleus, stop between the dotted lines. Be careful not to touch anything and hurry, there isn't much time left! Knockout Try to stop the wall advancing up by knocking the bricks out with a cannon ball. The cannon ball moves back and forth along the top of the screen until SPACE is pressed. It then drops down and crashes into the wall. There are three speeds: 1 is the slowest and each brick is worth 10 pts, one bonus point is given on level 2 and 2 bonus points are given on level 3. Reaction Tester The white bar which will appear on the left of the screen will change colour following the sequence of traffic lights (RED, YELLOW, GREEN). Press SPACE as soon as the colour changes to green. Your reaction time and rating will then be given.

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