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Platform joystick
Acorn Electron
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Max Players players

Your mission to the far side of the galaxy leads you to a strange, apparently uninhabited world. You prepare to land, but suddenly your craft spins uncontrolably into a vast underground cavern complex. There's only one way to escape! You must destroy the alien command centres in the eight caverns that make up the underground complex. Be sure to avoid the deadly missiles fired by the alien defences - and beware the anti-matter that lines the cavern walls. You'll need nerves of steel if you're to meet the challenge - make one mistake and you'll be blown sky high!" On the far edge of the galaxy known as XL-614 is a dwarf star orbited by a single planet 60,000 kilometres across. According to the Astro-Geological Survey, this planet is composed almost entirely of antimatter, and as one of the foremost physicians of your generation you are detailed to investigate. As you come into land, the ground beneath suddenly gives away, and you find your craft spinning uncontrollably inside a vast underground cavern complex. Eventually you regain control of the ship, only to find that you are under attack. Instinctively you reach out to turn on your alarm beacon, but even before you touch the button you realise that it's pointless - the nearest Federation ship is 2000 light years away. This time you're on your own!

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Sam Inglis
Audiogenic Software
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