Men in Black: The Series

Release Date calendar
December 1, 1998
Game Type type
Max Players players

Based on the cartoon series of the same name, MEN IN BLACK: The Series begins with aliens invading the Earth. It is up to a covert organization, known only as Men In Black, to stop the invasion. You take the role of Agent J as he hunts down 12 different alien races, including the Skraaldians and the Fmeck. Luckily, J has a wide range of weapons to help him put an end to the alien menace; most notable is the Noisy Cricket. While most aliens are relatively easy to spot, some can change shape and will not reveal themselves until J gets close to them so keep your eyes peeled. When a stage is cleared, you are treated to an animated sequence that advances the plot. Will Agent J be able to save the world? Play MEN IN BLACK: The Series and find out.




E - Everyone

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