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November 4, 2010
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Kinectimals is one of the launch titles for Microsoft's hands-free controller, the Kinect sensor. The game falls in line a bit with Nintendo's Nintendogs titles about playing with and taking care of virtual pets. Except here, petting the animal has moved from swiping a stylus across a small screen to physically petting the animal with your hands using the Kinect camera. The game features thirty different cubs that can be raised, trained, and played with. It also features light story elements focused on pirate treasure with various mysteries to solve on and about the island, Lemuria, on which the game takes place. A small flying character known as Bumble introduces the player to the game and various other elements, such as guidance on the story part of the game. Initially five cubs are available (Cheetah, Royal Bengal Tiger, Black Panther, African Lion and African Leopard), but later on six additional ones can be unlocked (Bornean Clouded Leopard, Serval, White Jaguar, Bobcat, Siberian Tiger and Saber-tooth Tiger). Additional ones can be added to the game through downloadable content and toy animals that come with scan codes that can be held up to the camera to redeem them. These are tied through game shops and a deal with Burger King for instance. Besides simply raising and petting a virtual cat, the player can also take part in mini-games with pets, as well as teaching them tricks. Mini-games involve some abstract ideas for a virtual pet, such as jumping rope and driving the pet around on a remote control car. Aside from the story elements, the game is very open-ended allowing players to experience the game, generally, however they want.




E - Everyone

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