Silent Bomber

Release Date calendar
October 28, 1999
Platform joystick
Sony Playstation
Game Type type
Max Players players

Set in a dark, futuristic environment, Silent Bomber presents a world infested by rogue androids. These mechanical protagonists are overrunning the planet in a quest to wrestle dominance from its human inhabitants. Currently, the deranged droids inhabit the industrial areas of the planet, but their stranglehold is growing. As such, crack teams of explosive experts have been despatched to counter the threat. As one of the Silent Bombers, players are sent into a stunning 3-D world where the game's dark corridors and shadowy industrial locations play host to a number of deadly inhabitants. Using stealth, players must pick their way around each location with the express aim of eradicating all androids within each sector. Gameplay is based around a unique explosive system that sets up Silent Bomber's stall as a truly inventive game. Players use an intuitive targeting system to lock bombs on approaching androids. As soon as a robot walks into range, players can deploy a bomb directly at the oncoming foe or leave them in strategic positions and retreat before they detonate. Depending on the size of the adversary, several direct hits may be needed, presenting a real need for skill and tactical play on the bomber's part.

Alternate Names
  • サイレントボマー Japan Japan



T - Teen

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