Chronicles of Osgorth: The Shattered Alliance

Release Date calendar
September 10, 1981
Platform joystick
Apple II
Game Type type
Max Players players

The Shattered Alliance is a tactical simulation of the first battles of the planet Osgorth. The game is designed for 2 players or can be played against the computer. Osgorth is in the Andromeda Galaxy and is much like earth but unlike earth Osgorth has bred other sentient races.In ancient times Osgorth was divided into 2 kingdoms which held the allegiance of all the tribes of the planet. Then came the interstellar interference of the Moonriders and their wizard Ormolu which led to the downfall of the 2 kingdoms. Now Osgorth has become a land of scattered tribes and fallen realms each vying for power. Take command of elves, dwarves, human kind, unicorns,lizardmen and other wondrous beings to seek glory and conquest.




Not Rated

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