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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

ADRENALINE. . . Your body will most certainly pour out during this game, as it requires full concentration and a quick reaction. The story of ADRENALIN is easy to tell: The year is 2042. After a chemonuclear war between communist China and capitalist Russia, the genetic material of the birds was changed by radioactivity. The mutated new generation turns out to be the true scourge of the survivors, since they have shed all fear of people and are now bloodthirsty upon them. This is all the worse when the birds - and with them all insects - have reached a shocking height. They are so big that in flight they can carry stones, which they then drop on people in order to kill them. (Different birds, different customs.) Only one person can stop this cruel goings-on, and that. . . You (= a lot of you). So you have to try to put an end to these flying mutants. A special mini-plane - a so-called combat capsule - is available to you for this purpose. However, your ammunition supply had to be limited for weight reasons. So you have to shoot your way from level to level and always try to get as many of the misguided flutter men out of the sky. But you should keep in mind that you only have 75 shots and four lives to complete your mission.Published in Magic Disk 64 1991/11, and also in Abo Disk #1.




Not Rated

Bas Broers
CP Verlag
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