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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

COMPUTE!'s Gazette 1984/11 (Issue #17), 64'er Spielesammlung #5, Super VIC & C64 A2-N01 (January 1985). Beware of the evil genies determined to knock you from your magic carpet. With a little strategy and skill, you can trap them in bottles— but work quickly before they re-emerge. A lively arcade-style game. Flying through Bagdad on your magic carpet, you're suddenly accosted by some rug-riding evil genies bent on knocking you off — literally and figuratively. Your only defense is to knock them off first, and this takes some tricky maneuvering. First, you must trap each genie in a bottle. Then collect the bottles before the genies have a chance to escape. If you fail to collect a bottle in time, the lid opens and your battle resumes. The Calm Before The Storm Ridding the city of enemy genies gives you a brief rest before the next wave of more numerous and determined genies. Only white genies are encountered during the first four waves, but the fifth wave brings a new, more aggressive menace — the blue genies. If you manage to reach the ninth wave, white, blue, and the dreaded purple genies emerge for a fast and furious battle. Twelve is the maximum number of genies that will appear, but the difficulty increases with each higher level. You begin with four green genies (one on the screen, three in reserve), and a new one is added for each 4000 points scored. For each bottle collected, 250 points are awarded.

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