The Ultimate TV & Film Quiz

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The Ultimate TV & Film Quiz is a quiz game for three or four players/teams. The questions are, obviously, based on films and television and there are four game modes: Super Star: In this mode the game is played over three rounds of eight questions. The winner is the player with the most points and players each have two 'jokers' to remove a wrong answer Play or Pass: This is also played over three eight question rounds. Players have three lives and lose a life with each incorrect answer, they also have one joker per round which they can use to pass a tough question on to an opponent. If a player answers their question correctly they can select which opponent is asked the next question. Shoot Out: A quick on the button round where questions are not addressed in turn to each player Quiz Trilogy: This consists of one round from each of the above quiz modes. All quiz modes have three eight question rounds and the right answer is not given when a question is answered incorrectly. All questions are asked in 'teleprompter' style, i.e. they are 'typed out' on screen to the accompaniment of a clacking sound, and they are all multiple choice with four possible answers to choose from. The game has no 'high score' table to record how many times a player wins nor does it have any movie/TV clips or soundbytes. This game is a little unusual in that players share controllers, players one and two share controller one with player one using the Cross,Square, Triangle, Circle buttons while player two answers the questions using the D-Pad buttons. Players three and four share controller two in a similar way. The game can be configured to set individual player handicaps.

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