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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

A variant on a Bomberman style game published in 64'er Top-Spiele #4 and 64'er 1999/07. The prelude: In another dimension, in another time two battlesome twin brothers named "Bang" and "Boom are sent for punishment to the "Bomb Squad Pit" to finally settle their quarrel there. The fight is conducted by the mean of bombs that are laid, goes for 3 rounds (with a time limit of 3 minutes) and the loser will be banned... So the job is clear: The opponent needs to be blown up three times (or get touched by the other ghosts). During this time you need to beware of sneaking enemies and be careful not to fall apart yourself by your own bombs. During the fight in the channels you can find some extras lying around every now and then. If you pick up these bonuses, you will get more speed, bombs or farther reach of the bombs. Bomb Squad is a simple Bomberman clone, unfortunately only for two players at the same time. It is shown by a 2D-labyrinth that fits onto one screen. Player and ghosts are sprites and move rather fast. You can choose between background music or FX (in the original version this is faulty, was fixed in the version by Amnesia) during the game.

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Damien Britt
Markt & Technik
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