Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

Mr. Box, the supreme slave driver of the largest manufacturing company for oversized freight boxes, hired you out of pure charity. Your task is simple and sweaty at the same time. The boxes have to be cleaned up meticulously, because the workers are only able to produce the boxes on a large scale in order not to even use the word "throw out". Of course, such a disorder cannot be tolerated by the management. . . So you put on your tried and tested work clothes and try to push the boxes into their traditional places (marked in white). However, this turns out to be not that easy, because after all the numerous storage rooms are built very nooks and crannies and you can easily get into hopeless situations. Should this be the case, a short press on "F1" is sufficient and the current storage room can be tackled a second time. If that gets too boring for you in the long run, you can create your own levels for your friends and cronies that cannot be solved in a hundred years. Should they just grit their teeth, right? The individual figures can be viewed on the auxiliary screen. A one player strategy game released in Magic Disk 64 1993/02.




Not Rated

Zoltán Gál
CP Verlag
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