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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

Long ago, when the world of nature and belonged to man as farmer lives in the village and kingdoms still legends were also ruled Mijkar. Mijkar was magician. At the age of 87 years he became insane. His self-styled been afraid of losing his riches, his palace let him transform into a network of chambers, which were separated by locked doors. He created creatures which should guard his palace on forever through the power of his magic. After this created everything, he died lonely in one of his dark and cold vaults ... It took decades before the legend of Mijkar's treasures on everyone's lips was. Many adventurers, Greedy, and farmers began to look for Mijkar's Crazy Castle. Also Golan. He was a young magician obsessed and wanted above all to find the powerful spell books by Mijkar and expand his art. And Golan took the castle ...

Alternate Names
  • Brektwon: The Curse of the Keys
  • Brektwon: The Curse of the Keys

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