Bubble Mania

Release Date calendar
November 7, 1994
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

A not-too-frustrating platform collect-em-up. "Soap bubbles determine our lives. Whether in the wonderfully relaxing bathroom, in all our dreams or in computer games, you can find them everywhere. Bubble Mania is a tricky jump & run that requires a bit of clever thinking. You control a little imp who wants to get all gems of the country into his possession out of greed. This smart kleptomaniac is controlled with the joystick in port # 2. The highlight of this game is that you cannot fall into the abyss. However, since our hero cannot jump very far, and the platforms on which the clunkers are located are relatively far apart, you have to do a little trick. Soap bubbles are constantly rising from the abyss, which will carry you for a while - at least until they burst on the ceiling. You can also cover longer distances by letting yourself be carried by the soap bubbles. Of course, this includes a touch of dexterity and a little tactical approach. You can fall three times into the deep abyss before you have to start all over again." Publshed in Magic Disk 64 1994/10.




Not Rated

CP Verlag
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