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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

A 2-player only dueling game released in Happy Computer 1989/03 and also in 64'er Sonderheft 61. Catch it challenges you! Defend yourself against satellites! Defend your skin - in an arena of the future. The satellites and the enemy's projectiles make your life difficult. The aim of this game is to snatch flying objects from under your opponent's nose. These are deployed by a blue satellite on its orbit, which occasionally provides supplies. The first to collect 20 of these objects wins. All objects are picked up by touching them. If a projectile hits you, it means the loss of one energy unit. The laws of acceleration will throw you off the trajectory and sometimes reverse the controls for a while. When a player has used up all seven vital energy units, his symbol disappears and he has to wait briefly for his next spaceship. If all seven missiles are used up, the game is lost. All the while you should watch out for the satellites whizzing around, as each collision costs one aircraft. A well-aimed shot will knock them out for a short time and give you a point as a bonus. But be careful - after the new release, the satellites will initially be bulletproof! The game also has a small surprise in store for particularly goal-oriented joystick acrobats. But you have to find out for yourself.

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Dieter Schütz
Markt & Technik
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