Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

In this horizontal scrolling shooter with the screen scrolling constantly from right to left, you are the pilot of a helicopter who must shoot and avoid helicopters and balloons before attempting to destroy a base. With 6 skill levels to choose from, the game is split into three sections with the first section having you shooting and avoiding helicopters but you can only move up and down. The second section has you unable to fire and once again you can only move up and down while you avoid various types of balloons and missiles. Touching any craft or missile loses you one of five lives and when they are gone it is game over. The final section is viewed from the side with the whole section on the screen. You face a base in a cliff on the left of the screen and to destroy it you must fire missiles down three thin shafts in the cliff to destroy the power. Once all three shafts have been fired down then a gap moves up and down a wall in front of the base and you must shoot through the gap to destroy it. A helicopter keeps taking off and trying to destroy you while you fire your missiles. In between the sections is a re-fuelling section which sees you trying to place your fuel pipe into a large planes fuel pipe while in the air. Released as part of Magic Disk 64 1990/10.

Alternate Names
  • Chopper



Not Rated

CP Verlag
CP Verlag
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