A320 Airbus Vol. 2

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore Amiga
Game Type type
Max Players players

A320 Airbus Vol. 2 is the second main game in the Airbus series following the first two that were split up based on the territory to cover. This flight simulator improves the original game by more authentic navigation systems, improved flight and control. Also, some improvements in usability in preparing a flight are included. Four new areas are added in Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. These four areas add 29 new airports and 200 new radio beacons. The game includes a duty mode starting as a rookie to become a chief pilot. Evaluation is based on various factors such as the runaway landing angle or the conservation of reserve fuel. In the training mode the weather parameters can be set manually, but in duty mode they are selected randomly and need to be taken into account when setting the flight path. Players also need to tap in the coordinates to set up the navigational system. The package includes a pilot's manual and approach charts.



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