Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

In this puzzle game, the player is presented with the game field on which a specific region is marked. From the top Tetris-like blocks are randomly falling down (arrows indicate the place where they fall). The shape and texture of the block that is supposed to fall down is presented in the top right window. The aim of the player is to arrange fallen blocks in the Cyberblocks shape so they can be destroyed. If they are destroyed in a specific region, the picture behind is uncovered and stage can be completed. Unlike "Tetris", the player does not control the falling blocks but only those that are on the ground - moving them left or right to make space for new blocks. If two blocks of the same texture touch themselves, they will be inseparately linked - thus the block to move will be bigger. The game can be over when the player is out of Cyberblocks, or the tower with blocks is too high and they can not be placed in the well. Before each stage, the player can choose a difficulty level among two different specific region shapes. Completion of the more difficult one will grant you a bigger bonus. Released in Magic Disk 64 1994/02.




Not Rated

CP Verlag
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