A Year at Pooh Corner

Release Date calendar
November 15, 1994
Platform joystick
Sega Pico
Game Type type
Max Players players

A Year at Pooh Corner is a Sega Pico game based on the Winnie the Pooh franchise. This is likely the most common game for the system, having been bundled with Pico console from launch. An Edutainment title based on the Winnie the Pooh characters of A. A. Milne. Game play consists mostly of mini-games, which are divided into themes based upon the four seasons. Spring - Pooh's Spring Cleaning - Objects are blown around Pooh's house and you must show him where they belong. - Pin the Tail on Eeyore - Eeyore has lose his tail, help him put it back on. - Piglet Grows a Garden - Water Piglet's Garden to grow Plants and Flowers Summer - Pooh's friends will show you questions, Use Pooh to collect the correct answers from the river. Fall - Move Pooh to the Honey tree. Once inside you find yourself in the Honeycomb Maze. Get to the other side by stepping on as many honeycombs as possible while avoiding the flashing honeycombs. Winter - Trace the letters, numbers and shapes pooh's friends ask for on the frozen lake - Build your own snowman Also includes a make your own video option, with music, backgrounds, characters, and drawing tools. Click the clock and the characters become animated.

Alternate Names
  • Pooh-san to Tanoshii Nakama-tachi
  • Un Anno con Winny Puh Italy Italy
  • Un Ano en la Esquina de Pooh Spain Spain
  • Une Annee en Compagnie de Winnie l'Ourson France France
  • Annee en Compagnie de Winnie l'Ourson, Une France France
  • Anno con Winny Puh, Un Italy Italy
  • Ano en la Esquina de Pooh, Un Spain Spain
  • Jahr in Winnie Puuhs Leben, Ein Germany Germany
  • Ar Med Nalle Puh, Ett Sweden Sweden
  • Un Año en la Esquina de Pooh Spain Spain


Sega Enterprises
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