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April 1, 1994
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Max Players players

You are Werner Von Wallenrod, an orphan living in a vivid, surreal realm lost in time. Your father has been murdered by the evil knight, Haagen Von Diakonov, who has sworn to destroy everything you know and love. You are untried, unproven, and now you must take up the sword, shield, mace, and battle-ax to defend your homeland. Can you survive Diakonov's challenge? Can you attain the rank of DragonKnight? Can you rally support and defeat all who oppose you? Dragon Lore... it's more than you ever imagined. *Dynamic first person view puts you in the action. *Spectacular full-screen 3-D graphics and animation. *Intuitive, easy to use, point and click interface. *View anything from any angle. *Hundreds of realistic sound effects. *Original tale of times past and heroes present. *Full voice support by professional actors. *Travel through four different lands, and face challenges by skeletons and creatures never seen before. Plunged into a terrifying world of fear and horror, your quest for truth begins.

Alternate Names
  • Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins World World



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