Driver (Markt & Technik)

Release Date calendar
April 1, 1985
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

A racing game created by Christoph Gladenbeck and released in Happy Computer 1985/04. Take part in the "driver" car race on the Commodore 64 with floppy disk drive. Overtake all opponents and get the high score to celebrate victory. Drivr is a car race for one player who can prove his driving skills in three levels of difficulty. With the joystick — connected to port 2 — you choose the level of difficulty and after pressing the fire button the game starts. The Joystick functions are: joystick forward accelerates, joystick backwards brakes the vehicle and with joystick to the right or left you change lanes. It is important to cover the distance indicated by a gray bar next to the three-lane track as quickly as possible and avoid many opponents to leave behind. If this succeeds without losing one of the three cars, there is a special game. You can win a maximum of five special sprites, which of course also means more points. Difficulty level 1 provides a training mode to consider. From level 2, time, points and, if you did well, your placement in the Top Ten list is displayed, then use the joystick to enter a three-letter abbreviation and the new leader board will be saved to disk.

Alternate Names
  • Lonely Driver

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Markt & Technik
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