Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Jupiter Ace
Game Type type
Max Players players

You have been separated from your friends while walking on the moors when a storm appeared and now you are lost with dusk falling. You have managed to come across shelter called Haunted Hall and discovered it is empty except for all the coffins that lay around the place. The door to leave the place has disappeared so you have no choice but to explore to find another exit but entering the attic you realize you are not alone with the many rooms full of ghosts and poltergeists. Atic Raid is an top view flick-screen arcade adventure where you must move around the 100 rooms of the attic finding objects to use like keys and transporters to get to the exit. Once you find a way out of the attic you must attempt to navigate a maze to finally find freedom. In each room is a ghost and occasionally poltergeists but boomerangs can also be found to shoot and stun them. Food is also needed to be found to stay alive and if you touch a ghost or poltergeist then you lose one of 20 lives.

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