Strike Commander (CD-ROM Edition)

Release Date calendar
December 1, 1993
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

The CD-ROM release of Strike Commander includes the following: - Strike Commander - Strike Commander: Tactical Operations - An additional opening cinematic and menu to choose between these two products - Digitized speech for every character, a feature which expands on what was available in the Strike Commander Speech Pack Following the collapse of Soviet Union, USA began to dominate the politics of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations. Islamic countries started a global jihad against the Western world, and as a result, petroleum has become an even more rare and valuable resource. In a chain of events, Alaska declared independence, and major powers of the world began fighting over its oil-rich territory. Japan turned into the world's most powerful nation, while United States and the Catholic Church were weakened; by the year 2011, humanity's dreams of unification have become completely shattered, and the fate of the world was decided by mercenary organizations. Similar to Wing Commander in gameplay style and visual presentation, Strike Commander is a flight simulator with action-oriented combat. You lead a rag-tag mercenary fighter squadron known as the Wildcats, trying to make a living in a dangerous, chaotic world. Somewhat simplified dogfights in your blackmarket-purchased F-16s are supplemented by interactive cutscenes where you converse with your teammates, or go into town to buy new contracts.




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Origin Systems
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