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Adventures of TRON

Adventures of TRON

Atari 2600 - Released - 1982

Adventures of TRON is based on the motion picture TRON from Walt Disney Productions. The game was released in Europe after the Walt Disney license expired as "Adventures on GX-12". The game environment consists of 4 floors, each with flying "bits" as well as enemy MCP attackers. The objective of the game is to control TRON (you) in a maze of platforms and elevators while trying to intercept the flying bits (intercepting bits on higher floors are awarded higher points). Dodge enemy MCP attackers by jumping, using elevators and hitching a ride on the Silver Sailor. Capturing all 7 "bits"...

Adventures of TRON

Mattel Intellivision - Unreleased

[Unreleased 1983] Welcome to the digital world. It is a shame that you were forced here. Are you thinking of trying to go home so soon? Not if the MCP can help it. You can run, jump, use elevators, and even catch a ride on the Solar Sailer but you can not hide. Give an escape your best shot if you want. Keep your man, TRON, alive and scoring points. Move from side-to-side and floor-to-floor. Send him up the elevators or jump him down a floor. Wave after wave of Master Control Program attackers, deadly Recognizers, Grid Bugs, even cannon-firing tanks must be avoided. At the start, TRON...

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