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Bouncin' Baby Bunnies

Bouncin' Baby Bunnies

Atari 2600 - Unreleased - 1983

Zounds! Coco the crazy monkey is in quite a pickle this time! Dr. Storkus Z. Hopperdropper (Storky, to his friends) has gone a bit mad, and is dropping baby bunnies from the sky! In fact, it's raining bunnies! What's a crazy monkey to do? Get help, that's what! Coco and his brother Haggis are out to catch the bunnies and bounce 'em to safety. It's monkey business, for sure, and they need your help, so grab that trampoline, and start Bouncin' Baby Bunnies!! A copy of the nearly complete game surfaced in the collection of a former Telesys employee in 2007. According to programmer Alex...

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