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Care Bears

Care Bears

Atari 2600 - Unreleased - 1983

The game concept in Care Bears revolves around grabbing the "Tummy Icon" from each of the Care Bears as they slowly fell down the screen. Once all the icons were collected the player would have to arrange them in a certain order before time ran out. Although this may sound rather easy, one has to keep in mind that the game was geared toward young children, so things had to be kept simplistic. Care Bears made it to the beta testing stage before the marketing department decided to stop work on the game citing that the market for childrens games was diminishing, and the gameplay was too...

Care Bears: Care-a-lot Jamboree

Windows - August 1, 2003

Join 10 of your favorite Care Bears on a rainbow-filled Care-a-lot Jamboree. Play 8 exciting games and learn about caring and sharing from these adorable furry friends. Learn to match, solve puzzles and have tons of fun in the Care Bears' star-speckled cloud wonderland! Bubble Trouble - Funshine Bear needs your help! Multicolored bubbles are floating in the sky and they need to be popped. Clear all of the bubbles to win the game. Catch a Little Love - Hearts are dropping from the clouds! You get to help Love-a-lot Bear and Tenderheart bear catch a little love in their basket. Star Swing...

Care Bears: Catch a Star!

Windows - Released - October 5, 2005

Care Bears: Let's Have a Ball!

Windows - Released - September 28, 2004

Care Bears: The Care Quests

Care Bears: The Care Quests

Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Released - November 15, 2005

Care Bears: Care Quest is an Action game, developed by Sirius Games and published by The Game Factory, which was released in 2005.

Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel

Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel

Windows - Released - May 1, 2002

Pac-Man is a ball with a mouth; Blip and Blop are balls with arms -- conventional arms of several varieties, in addition to more exotic heavy weaponry such as lasers and flamethrowers. Chekhov's law dictates that the gun in the first act must go off in the third, but these hardened spheres haven't got the patience for that, wading directly into a non-stop carnival of carnage, a shooting frenzy only occasionally interrupted with cut-scene dialogue and nods to what might otherwise be described as the run'n'jump platformer genre -- had they legs to run and jump with. (Wiggle and bounce?) Of...

Enchanted Land

Enchanted Land

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1990

Enchanted Land is set in the peaceful land of Damiran. But as it is in video games, an evil wizard stops by and takes over. In this case, he broke the heart of wisdom and the only way to bring the story to a good end is to collect the pieces from the five levels of this game. The protagonist is the magician Kurgan who jumps through the multi-directional scrolling platform levels. A big boss stands at the end of each level, but defeating him is not enough to get access to the next: the hidden parts of the heart need to be found first. Besides platforming, there are are lot of enemies to...

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