Exidy Sorcerer

Exidy Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is one of the early home computer systems, released in 1978 by the videogame company Exidy. It was comparatively advanced when released, especially when compared to the contemporary more commercially successful Commodore PET and TRS-80,...


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1979

Adventureland is the first of Scott Adams' text adventures. Using simple two word commands you explore an enchanted world, solve puzzles and try to recover 13 lost treasures. The game's display is different from other adventure games like Zork: The Great Underground Empire in that the screen is divided into two "windows": the room description, exits, and items appear on the top part of the screen, and you enter commands on the bottom of the screen.


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1981

Chomp is a Pac-Man variant. Like in the original game and most of its clones the player controls the chomp through mazes full of dots that have to be collected while being chased by four ghosts that have to be avoided. Any contact with them will lead to a lost life but by eating a power pill the player can for a short moment go after and kill the ghosts. Additionally the chomp can eat berries for bonus points. A level is completed when all dots have been eaten and the game goes on until all of the player's three lives are lost.

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