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Astro Attacker

Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1982

Astro Attacker is a fixed screen shoot 'em up that is similar to the arcade game Astro Blaster. The player moves a space ship along the bottom of the screen while firing at the enemies that move around the screen. The space ship has a limited amount of fuel and it might run out if the player moves too recklessly. It is also possible to overheat the lazer cannon if it's used too frequently. Each level of the game contains five waves of enemies, each with its own kind that has its own movement pattern. There are spinners, lazer ships, rockets, flame throwers and meteor showers. Like in Astro...


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1981

Chomp is a Pac-Man variant. Like in the original game and most of its clones the player controls the chomp through mazes full of dots that have to be collected while being chased by four ghosts that have to be avoided. Any contact with them will lead to a lost life but by eating a power pill the player can for a short moment go after and kill the ghosts. Additionally the chomp can eat berries for bonus points. A level is completed when all dots have been eaten and the game goes on until all of the player's three lives are lost.

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