17 Bit Software


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

A tough multi screen 2D platformer created in AMOS by Andy Platts. It is a precursor to Glassback 2: The Dole Years.

Glassback 2

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

The flip screen platformer by Andy Platts s a sequel to Glassback.


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

A Tetris variant with 3 levels of difficulty. Each shape that comes out has multiple colors and you can rotate them. Get three in a row to remove the colors.

Marbles (17 Bit Software)

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1991

Game written in AMOS. Coding, graphics & music/sound FX by Ola Zandelin. Additional level design by Daniel Zandelin. Game includes a built-in construction kit and instructions. Game is available on 17-Bit PD disk #3305, PD-Soft disk #4248 and Assassins CD#2. Inspired by Tony Crowther's BOMBUZAL, the very first version of MARBLES developed was called BB BALL and was never officially released. A few years later, the graphics were updated, a construction kit included and the name was changed to MARBLES when coder Ola Zandelin finally released his first complete version of the game in 1991 to the...


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1995

Similar to Super Cars, this overhead racing game, made in Blitz BASIC, features the talent of Insane Software . A good quality game, the races can get a bit chaotic and there are some tricky tracks. The quick races make it fun.

Skate Tribe

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1991

A skateboarding game originally a Atari ST game. Ported to the Amiga in AMOS. Things start off fairly easy in level 1, in which you have to grab dollar bills and avoid obstacles as you skate down a highway. In level 2, you're suddenly bombarded with flying debris. Avoid at all costs. Level 3 has you jumping from one part of a highway two another. In level 4, you grind along the rails of a train track. Futuristic cars try to ram you from behind in the mad metropolis of level 5. In level 6, you are equipped with a gun to fight some kind of giant caterpillar. An even larger mutant creature...

Suicide Machine

Commodore Amiga - 1994

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Commodore Amiga - 1992

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