Bug Blaster

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1991

Released on the red floppy coverdisk from Amiga Computing, this single player shooter by Morgan Henry has an upgrade path to improve parts of your "ship" and choose shot type.

My Animal Centre in Africa

My Animal Centre in Africa

Nintendo DS - Released - December 14, 2006

My Animal Centre in Africa is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Windows. It is similar to the game Pawly Pets: My Animal Hospital, except the player can look after different animals. The main character is a veterinarian, with an optional name, date of birth and place of birth. The title of the clinic is also optional. In the game, the goal is to look after wild African animals that are brought into your clinic by the gamekeeper. Like the game Pawly Pets: My Animal Hospital, there are three different difficulty levels; easy, medium and hard. On first playing the game, the...

Smarties: Meltdown

Smarties: Meltdown

Sony Playstation 2 - Released - March 17, 2006

Smarties Meltdown is a third person action adventure, based on the world famous Smarties confection. Smarties Meltdown is set on a giant Smarties shaped 'factory ship' orbiting the Earth. Everything is working smoothly when suddenly the factory ship is attacked by a small armada of craft from the fleet of the evil Dr. Soursweet. Dr. Soursweet, thwarted by the children of Earth turning their noses up at his own sugary creations the 'stroopers', has decided to take control of the Smarties factory. His sugar coated Stroopers quickly overrun the factory, shutting down production and...

Wired Chaos

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

Game appeared on "Amiga Action" (No. 63) November 1994 Cover Disk (Disk 1). It is also known as Wire Chaos. Later version v1.81 was released to public domain by David J. Cruikshank in December 2010. It is a top down light cycles game with increasing complexity, reaction and navigation tasks.

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