Amstar & Cpc

002 Agent Double

Amstrad CPC - Released - 1985

The cold war between the East-West blocks, where espionage reigns supreme, is in full swing. You, 002, double agent, are sent by your government to the enemy embassy to reconstruct the floppy disk that handles the computer from the global thermo-nuclear war. For this mission you have been exposed to the DELTA rays that give you magnetic power as well as the ability to pass through certain walls that eventually become impenetrable. Do not trust anyone and especially not to the ANIMATORS who seek your destruction. Choose your camp: KGB or FBI. Defeat the enemy spies who play at the same...

Jt 37

Amstrad CPC - Unreleased - September 7, 1990

April 1943, the Japanese fleet escorted by enemy fighters advanced towards the VINIPU and BANOUSA archipelagos. You are the only pilot in the sector who can destroy this powerful armada.

The Last Race

Amstrad CPC - Unreleased - 1990

In 1998, Oslo Dikson, a former racing driver, returned to the circuit. Dikson decides to embark on a violent, Death Race 2000-style race which has often been the last for some drivers. He will be confronted by the best who will try everything to take away his victory.


Amstrad CPC - February 1, 1990

Lengi Kadomi, valorous samurai, failed on his last mission. Dachine, lord of the province of Mitala, charged him with stealing the magic katana which is in a temple in the northwest of the province. You only have 2 lives to redeem yourself ...


Amstrad CPC - 1990

Taking advantage of the popularity of the fourteenth World Cup Soccer taking place in Italy of 1990, Black System offers the worlds first "penalties simulator."


Amstrad CPC - August 4, 1989

To compete in the Olympic Games, you must go through the olympic trials that include the following 5 events: 100m, long jump, 200m, shot put, and cyclling.

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