Skull Army

Alien Fish Finger

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1995

Death, destruction, pain, misery. What was once a bright, beautiful planet is now blackened by the constant invasions of death making Alien bombers. Planet 'Earth' as it is today. Thousands, if not millions of innocent lives wiped out with the constant. There is only one force of the resistance who are known as the freedom fighters. A Earth based force of defense now crippled with the heavy fire power of the fearsome enemy. One man stands brave, 'Lt Frank Finger', one of the few fighters to survive. He and the others are all sickened of the site of the aliens near to winning the war. They...

Speed Racer FX

Commodore Amiga - Homebrew - 1996

A sequel to HydroZone created by David J. Cruickshank of Skull Army and released in 1996. The game supports up to 6 players in a split screen mode. The game comes complete with a level editor. Coded with Blitz Basic II 1.7 and Graphics done with Deluxe Paint 4.

Wired Chaos

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

Game appeared on "Amiga Action" (No. 63) November 1994 Cover Disk (Disk 1). It is also known as Wire Chaos. Later version v1.81 was released to public domain by David J. Cruikshank in December 2010. It is a top down light cycles game with increasing complexity, reaction and navigation tasks.

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