5th Dimension


Commodore Amiga - 1997

Bouncy the spaceball is lost in space. You have to guide him through five different areas of space back to his home planet. Each area features five puzzling levels. Some are very simple, others are not. To complete a level you must have the key that opens the exit. It may sound easy but there are several obstacles in your path.

Burton Bird

Commodore Amiga - 1997

Nearly everything about this game is a little different from the norm, but luckily in the good sense of the word. The graphics are distinctly 8-bit style, yet somehow look very cool. All the music and sound effects in the game are of the chip variety, a la' Commodore 64, but again, they all sound great. Take control of Burton Bird himself, once you set him off in a direction he will continue going that way (at high speed) until he hits an obstacle or you change direction yourself. Again, weird, but it works well and adds another twist to the game. The level design is quite fiendish in...


Commodore Amiga - 1995

Trog! (Also known as 'Og') was the second game Dave Parsons of Confused Pelican wrote for the Amiga. It was a fairly short, sideways-scrolling game in the Wonderboy style. It used pixel-perfect collision detection routines and ran in 32-colour mode. He revisited it later and made a much more colourful AGA version which had 64 colours, much smoother sky colours and screen fades, and a 1-bit parallax background layer. Outside of the game itself, it's really not very polished, and has pretty awful music.

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