Kees Van Oss

Egghead In Space

Acorn Atom - Homebrew - February 21, 2016

The Plot Remember how those aliens paid Egghead a visit a few years ago leaving his house in such a mess he had to go around clearing up after them? Obviously that wasn't un oeuf, because they're back again and this time they've abducted Egghead's favourite BBC/Electron games. Quick witted as ever, our "dairydevil" hero managed to "scramble" aboard one of the alien rocket ships before it took off for planet Zog and hitched a ride back with the extra-terrestrials to retrieve his precious software collection. Upon arriving, Egghead managed to teleport into the underground labyrinth and that...

Jet Set Willy

Acorn Atom - Homebrew - 2015

Jet Set Willy 2

Acorn Atom - Released - December 13, 2015

Manic Miner

Acorn Atom - Homebrew - February 1, 2017


Acorn Atom - Homebrew - 2016

Fly over a rogue island, avoiding the bullets from the gun turrets and the snaking formations of aliens.

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