A&B Computing

2002: A Space Oddity

Acorn Electron - Released - December 1, 1984

A comedic text adventure satire of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 a A Space Odyssey.

A&B Computing 3.09

Acorn Electron - Released - September 1, 1986

Comprises: Assembly Example (A&B Computing), Card Trick (A&B Computing), Check Byte Source Code (A&B Computing), Grand Prix (A&B Computing), Islamic Art Part 1 (A&B Computing), Islamic Art Part 2 (A&B Computing), Islamic Art Part 3 (A&B Computing), Islamic Art Part 4 (A&B Computing) and Olsen (A&B Computing)

The Island

Acorn Electron - Released - December 1, 1984

A 1984 text adventure game in which you wake up on a mysterious isolated island!


BBC Microcomputer System - Released - 1986

Olsen is an arcade-puzzle game that might look like a Pengo at first glance. Well, it's not. You have to pop balloons while avoiding green aliens. You can pick up boxes if you are under them, with your head.

The Pobjoy Special

Acorn Electron - Released - December 1, 1984

The Pobjoy Special is a highflying text-based-adventure game developed and published by A&B Computing in 1984.

The Snow Queen

Acorn Electron - Released - 1984

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