Laser Point

3D Hamster's Adventure

MS-DOS - Released - 1996

A kid's game where you guide a hamster through a maze while eating enough fruit to advance to the next level. Beware the giant mice which you can kick or throw strawberry bombs at. Energy biscuits give you extra power too.

The Child Murderer

MS-DOS - Released - 1996

The Child Murderer is a shareware text and graphics adventure game designed for the beginning level player. The player takes the role of Charles Browning, personal servant to Robert Harris a rich businessman living in Victorian London. You are blamed for a murder you did not commit, and must both evade your captors and find the real killer. The text parser uses small Verb / Noun sentences, such as Talk to the woman, or Use the candle. In addition a menu of common commands and keystroke shortcuts is displayed in most locations and key objects in the game are preceded with the term, Visible...

Eternal Prison

MS-DOS - Released - 1995

This is an undistinguished Doom clone made with Pie 3D Game Creation System. Try to escape from prison against similar grey-dressed guards using weapons like guns, machine guns, bombs and lasers. Find keys to open some doors or bomb them if you can't.

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