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Microsoft MSX2 - 1995

Bomberman 2

Microsoft MSX2 - 1997

Bomberman 2 is a Bomberman clone, right down to the name, for the MSX2. As in its source of inspiration, you go around in a labyrinth made out of blocks and populated with monsters, laying out bombs to blow your way through the labyrinth and to kill off the monsters. The power-up system is rather big and unlike that of Hudson, including items that make you invisible, invert directions, slow-downs and most of all money. The standard fare of extra bombs and extra firepower, however, is not so common, and you have a limited amount of bombs to drop. Most levels make use of special tiles such as...

Construction Craze

Microsoft MSX2 - Released - 1994

Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous

Microsoft MSX2 - Released - 1992

You play Rick Dangerous, an Indiana Jones type who's on a quest to find the lost Coolu Amazon tribe. However, his plane crashes in the middle of a bunch of crazed Coolus. Hopefully he's up to the challenge of escaping. If he is, he will find himself in the pyramid of Egypt with no easy way past leaders and their minions, and then engulfed in a web of traps in a Nazi base. Rick Dangerous is a platform game across over 100 screens, in which Rick has his gun in one hand, and dynamite sticks in another. You must take a methodical approach to clearing each screen, as there are traps in place which...

Rick Dangerous: Extra Levels

Rick Dangerous: Extra Levels

Microsoft MSX2 - Released - 1993

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