Merit Industries


Arcade - Released - 1987

A video poker game developed and published by Merit Industries in 1987.

Megatouch 5

Megatouch 5

Arcade - Released - 1997

Megatouch 5 is a one or two player multi game published and developed by Merit Industries in 1997.

MegaTouch Gold

Arcade - Released - 2000

A touch screen multi-arcade game with 48 casino games.

MegaTouch XL 6000

MegaTouch XL 6000

Arcade - Released - 1999

A touch screen multi-arcade game with 36 casino games.

The Pit Boss

The Pit Boss

Arcade - Released - 1983

The Pit Boss was produced by Merit Industries in 1983. The Pit Boss is manufactured by Merit. It has four games on it, Joker Poker, Blackjack, Off to the Races (horse racing), and depending on what version chips you have, the fourth game is either The Dice Game (Craps) or Super Slots.

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