Adventures in Time

Adventures in Time

Commodore Plus 4 - Homebrew - 2020

During a walk in the woods one day our hero, a curious yellow snorkel-shaking bouncy thing, discovered some ancient ruins. Inside the ruins he found something rather unexpected - an ultra-super modern TIME SCRAMBLING MACHINE. Being a curious little fellow our hero reached out to touch a tantalizing red button on the control panel ... A bright flash - and so begins his ADVENTURES IN TIME!


Commodore Plus 4 - Homebrew - October 8, 2021

Arkanoid is a freeware homebrewed conversion of the Taito arcade classic of the same name for the Commodore Plus/4. A collab of the two scene groups Legion of Doom, and Assassins released on October 8, 2021. Game Description: The original Breakout concept involves controlling a bat at the bottom of the screen and using it to catch and direct a ball so as to hit all the bricks which are arranged at the top of the screen. It was unpopular for over a decade, before Taito revived it with some new ideas in this arcade game. The game's plot redefines the bat as a Vaus spaceship, the ball as an energy bolt, and the bricks form a mysterious wall stopping the ship from progressing to safety. By the mid-80s, power-ups were popular in most types of arcade games, and Arkanoid features them. They are caught by positioning the bat below them as they fall (meaning that you risk missing the ball if you go for them at the wrong time). The power-ups include lasers (which are mounted to each side of the ship and allow you to shoot out the blocks), a catching device (so as to be able to fire the ball off at a different angle every time you hit it) and one that slows the bolt down.

Sgt. Helmet Zero

Commodore Plus 4 - Released - 2013

Sergeant Helmet Zero is a mercenary working for fame and glory, and he is called to the far away land of Kartamocia to free the 40 refugees held hostage by the fallen tyrants' security system. The game itself is a static screen platformer and shooter. You can fire you machine gun rapidly and have to rescue all the people, while keeping your health above 0 percent. Monsters spawn continuously and turrets fire at you.

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