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Commodore Amiga - Released - 1994

Collect mysteries, gain extra time...gain extra lives in this Boulder Dash like game. Collect gems of four color types, blow up objects or use teleporters to get to blocked-off parts of the screen, and avoid baddies.



Atari ST - Released - 1992

Rubicon's plot deals with a catastrophic nuclear accident in Russia. The player must trek through seven levels inhabited by mutated super-intelligent animals in order to diffuse each nuclear reactor. Gameplay is a Gryzor style flip-screen run'n'gun shooter (with occasional jetpack flights), with fairly unrelenting action. Power-ups are issued by a canister which the player will have to control in order to gain the weapon they want. The difficulty level is pitched high, as with Project X which was released at a similar time.


Commodore Amiga - Released - 1992

Snare (Beyond Belief)

Snare (Beyond Belief)

Commodore 64 - Released - 1993

You play the role of Humphrey who just spends his days eating and not doing a lot else. All this is about to change when the King summons Humphrey to his castle and give him the task of retrieving the Princesses gems stolen by aliens. Humphrey has no choice but to attempt this task or be beheaded by the King. Snare is a single screen game where you must move Humphrey around the screen collecting all the gems on each screen over 30 levels. Each gem must be collected before a timer runs out and an Earthquake destroys everything. On each screen as well as the gems, there are aliens and obstacles that need avoiding, and items that can help you. Aliens appear from a generator, blobs stick you to one spot, and there are skull and crossbones that when pushed turn into bombs and you have a few seconds to get out of its blast range. The explosion will kill any nearby aliens and remove solid walls. Teleport's can be used to make you appear elsewhere on the screen, rocks can hide gems, switches need to be used, and clocks can be collected to give yourself more time. If you touch an alien, stand too close to a bomb or run out of time then you lose one of five lives.

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