Michael Howard

3D Maze

Windows 3.X - Released - August 21, 1991

3D Maze is a simple graphical maze game. You begin in a blue square. The object of the game is to reach the red square hidden somewhere in the maze, then go back to the blue square. Once you do that, you win the game! You only have the help of an Elf which tells you if you're close to the red square or not. If you're getting close, it'll say "Warmer"; if not, it'll say "Colder". The game also offers four maze sizes: Playable (12x12), Taxing (20x20), Unhealthy (30x30) and Suicidal (50x50). This is a more modern take on those old 8-bit maze games that were on computers like the ZX Spectrum, C64, and Apple II during the early to mid 1980s.

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