Fire Ant

Enterprise - Homebrew - 2021

You control an ant that must rescue the queen ant taken hostage by a group of scorpions. She is being held in the eighth chamber, but to reach her, you must navigate a series of tunnels that are being patrolled by the scorpions, and use objects scattered throughout the chambers to proceed to the next one. These objects include getting keys that will open yellow doors, and explosives that will detonate walls. Objects placed at the proper locations usually cause a chain reaction that clears the obstacles. Occasionally, scorpions are seen laying eggs, and getting these eggs will award you with bonus points. When the queen ant is rescued, the game resets to the first chamber. This is a 2021 public domain conversion of an 1983 game that started on the C64, but got ported to the Amstrad and C16/Plus4 the following year. This version was developed by a Hungarian developer known as Geco. Runs on both the Enterprise64 and Enterprise128 computers, and is based on the C16/Plus4 conversion.

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