Ian Gillies


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1979

Blackjack is an adaptation of the card game that uses original Las Vegas rules. The game is for one player who plays against an AI opponent. Like in the real game, the player draws cards and has to attempt to get closer to 21 than the opponent. Commands are entered through a text parser and the player can choose to hit, double, split or stand. If the opponent gets an ace an insurance is offered which allows the player to bet on if it has blackjack. If taken the player will come out square if the opponent has blackjack and lose the insurance if it does not. The amount of money to have is decided ahead of a game and the game goes on until it has all been spent. This game was only officially released in Australia.


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1979

Yahtzee is a single player adaptation of the popular dice game of the same name. The game starts with the computer rolling five dice and the player can then choose to reroll any number of dice too times. Thereafter the player has to choose one of thirteen categories to score against. Bonus points are given for full houses, straights and yahtzee. The game goes on for thirteen rounds and the aim is to get as high score as possible. The player uses the keyboard to play the game, by entering numbers to first select the dice to reroll and then to pick a category.

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