Matthew B. Hickey


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1982

Kilopede is a variant of the arcade game Centipede. It's a fixed screen shoot 'em up where the player is in control of a beetle that has to kill centipede-like creatures as they move down the screen, row by row, towards the beetle's position. When shooting at the centipede it splits in two parts, both which keep moving down the screen. On the screen there are numerous mushrooms which decide its movement and give it some protection from the beetle's fire. Additionally some other unfriendly creatures will appear such as caterpillars, fleas and spiders. If the centipede manages to reach the bottom a large foot will appear and stomp the beetle to death.


Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1982

Munch! is a Pac-Man variant. As can be expected the player has to move the muncher through a maze and eat all the dots. At the same times monsters have to be avoided. Eating a power fill will cause the monsters to temporarily become sedated and the player can go after and eat them for bonus points. More bonus points can be earned by eating the fruit that occasionally appears in the middle of the maze. The player has three munchers and an additional one is awarded after 10000 points. When they have all been killed the game ends.

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