Florian Dingler

Agent B.R.D.

Atari 800 - Homebrew - 2020

Agent B.R.D. was third place in the annual ABBUC software contest of 2020. It is a fan sequel of sorts to the original "Agent USA" game for the Atari. A crazy smartphone has invaded germany and makes the people dumb! You must find it as quickly as possible and defuse it! Use your 100%-free train card to get tickets for local and long distance bullet trains at the ticket machines. Collect wifi symbols whenever possible. You need at least 50 of them to be able to defuse the crazy smartphone. Avoid contact with other people: you will lose a share of your wifi symbols if they run into you. You receive a tap-proof mobile phone from us. Use it to find out where the crazy smartphone is. The further away you are, the more uncertain the data is unfortunately - we do our best to help you. Don’t use the phone too often, it costs you 10% battery power each time. Collect new batteries where ever possible. In rural areas the connection often is insufficient or you won’t have network coverage at all. With 35% battery power you can give it a boost and create a short time network connection. Info booths are available in the capital city of each state. There you can get exact information on the wherabouts of the enemy and how far the dumbness has already spread.

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