Gary Symons

Skate Tribe

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1991

A skateboarding game originally a Atari ST game. Ported to the Amiga in AMOS. Things start off fairly easy in level 1, in which you have to grab dollar bills and avoid obstacles as you skate down a highway. In level 2, you're suddenly bombarded with flying debris. Avoid at all costs. Level 3 has you jumping from one part of a highway two another. In level 4, you grind along the rails of a train track. Futuristic cars try to ram you from behind in the mad metropolis of level 5. In level 6, you are equipped with a gun to fight some kind of giant caterpillar. An even larger mutant creature attacks in level 7 and you must survive for set a mount of time. Level 8 is a beach littered with bones and craters on which you have to evade fast-moving tricycles. The final level is a city street littered with turds, mushrooms, skeletons and, weirdly enough, sunbathing citizens.

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