Robert Neve



Atari 7800 - Released - January 1, 1988

As a professional ornithologist, you're thrilled to find out that some rare South American hornbills have nested in your "old yolk tree." But while the hornbills are out feeding, a group of mischievous bluebirds, owls, and snakes begin raiding their nests and stealing eggs. Horrified, you get out your slingshot and begin hitting the marauding creatures. But you have to be careful. If you hit an egg-carrying bird, it drops the egg and you have to act fast to catch it before it hits the ground and return it to a nest. At the same time, you have to watch for snakes that may be sneaking up to nests and gobbling eggs. If you can protect the eggs long enough, you can take them to another nesting site. But watch out, egg-stealing creatures are everywhere!

Rampage Gold

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - August 21, 2003

Rampage Gold was created to allow the original 3-player Rampage experience through support of the Protovision 4 Player Interface.

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