Atom Adventure

Acorn Atom - Released - 1981

Castle of Gems

Castle of Gems

BBC Microcomputer System - Released - 1984

A Crystal Castles clone written by Paul Shave. The idea of the game is for Bertie Bear to collect as many gems as possible that are scattered around the castle. When all the gems have been collected, Bertie moves on to the next of nine different screens. However, Bertie has got company in the shape of Gem Gobblers, Trees, Witches, Ghosts and Gremlins - all of whom are fatal if Bertie collides with any one of them. The Gem Gobblers, Trees and Gremlins are also after the gems, so there's a bonus score if Bertie can collect the last gem on a screen. Now and again, there's a Magic Hat to make Bertie invincible for a while and a Honey Pot for gaining bonus points. Most of the castles have moving lifts upon which only Bertie may ascend/descend to different levels. If Bertie takes too long on any screen, the "baddies" he has killed previously will start to come to life again.

Pirate Island

Acorn Atom - Released - 1984

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