3D Snakes

Amstrad CPC - Released - 1987

Platforms suspended in space are the setting for this snake hunt. It is to be hoped that your hand will not tremble because the sphere you are leading is ready to make the leap into the void. A captivating game and very well done (note the pixel displacement near the ball, good hunting!

3D Snakes II

Amstrad CPC - Released - December 25, 1987

Le Tresor d'Ali Gator

Le Tresor d'Ali Gator

Amstrad CPC - Released - 1991

Legend tells of a pirate called Ali Gator whose treasure lies in a castle. You have gone to the castle to search for the treasure. It’s a simple exploration game where you wander around a maze of only 49 rooms, but there are many traps to catch you out. The game is quite a departure for Lankhor, who specialised in text adventures on the CPC – and they should have stuck to what they knew best. It’s written by Claude Le Moullec, who also wrote dozens of listings for French magazines, and in fact, it was originally intended to be a listing as well.

Les Mings

Amstrad CPC - Homebrew - 1992

A type-in version of Lemmings published in the October 1992 edition of French magazine 'Amstrad Cent Pour Cent' - gameplay works the same way as the Psygnosis original.

Micro News: 049: Balling

Amstrad CPC - Released - 1991

Throw your ball at identical balls and they will disappear. Easy!!!

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