Yun Sung

7 Ordi

Arcade - Released - 2001

7 Ordi is an arcade redemption game of Seven-card stud, a variant of stud poker. Everything is controlled through six buttons. As a gambling game for tickets, a single credit is not tied to a single game. Instead, the player can input a lot of money and wager it all in one go in a single game in a large bet.

Bomb Kick

Arcade - Released - 1998

Bomb Kick © 1998 Yun Sung. A platform game where you use bombs to get rid of enemies. A platform game where you use bombs to get rid of enemies. Bomb Kick is heavily based on "Bomber Through GoGo! Jump Hero Gaiden 2" Bomb Kick is heavily based on "Bomber Through GoGo! Jump Hero Gaiden 2", which is included in the 1996 Japanese PC game collection Disc Station 12 by Compile.

Cannon Ball (Yun Sung)

Arcade - Released - 1995

This game is like a crossover between "Arkanoid" and "Puzzle Bobble". You have a paddle and must shoot the ball trying to match with the same color balls on the descending balls. If you connect three or more balls in the same color they will disappear. After the balls disappear, any balls that become detached from the descending structure also disappear. Balls can be shot in three directions: 45 degrees to the left, 45 degrees to the right, or strait up. If you are in difficult situation, you can shoot a bomb. Once you clear a set number of disappearances, the stage is cleared and the player is rewarded with a digitized photo image of an Asian girl in her underwear. Each stage features a different picture with a different girl. If the descending balls reach the players paddle, then the game is over. If you continue you restart at previous stage.

Castle of Dracula

Arcade - Unlicensed - 1994

Castle of Dracula is a puzzle game, developed and released by Yun Sung in 1994. Story The game is set in 17XX, and Dracula kidnap Lydia, a daughter of an unnamed elder from the city of Goidel. Then, the elder asks for an valiant knight called Sonnie to rescue her from Dracula's hands. Sonnie will go on to Dracula's Castle, but he (and an unnamed Player 2 palette swap character) will face numerous opponents until they reach on her. Overview The game is a puzzle game where you must find a way to get a key to go onto the next stage. In order to do this, you must throw a block into his respective figure. And you must do this in a certain time limit, as well with a certain number of tries. The game is a clone of Plotting, a puzzle game for Arcade machines made by Taito in 1989. It was also released on Famicom and Game Boy as Flipull (the first one is a Japan exclusive release). So, the main differences from the original game and Castle of Dracula are: - The character throws the piece from the left side of the field instead of the right side; - The time limit is not represented by a numbered counter, but by a bar composed of squares; - In Plotting, you cannot request another tile set when you run out of misses, but on Castle of Dracula, you can.

Magic Bubble

Arcade - Released - 1990

Magic Bubble was produced by Yun Sung in 1990. Group three or more bubbles of the same color together to make them pop. Clear the screen before they reach the bottom or before your opponent clears their screen.


Arcade - Released - 1995

A tetris-type game. Different type of blocks fall from the top of the screen. You must arrange them and make horizontal rows of bricks.

Multi 5 / New Multi Game 5

Arcade - 1998

This title contains 5 different games, one of which is a platform game, with the remaining four being puzzle games. They are: Tong Boy (combines elements from both "Donkey Kong" and "Donkey Kong Jr."). Bubble Gum (a clone of "Puzzle Bobble") Cross Point (a clone of "Columns") Box Logic (a clone of "Logic Pro") Rocktris (a clone of "Tetris") Both 'Cross Point' and 'Rocktris' feature adult content in the form of badly digitized pictures of naked women. Despite the colourful and nicely-rendered graphics of most of the games on offer, none manage to match the playability of the arcade originals on which they are based.


Arcade - Released - 1994

Paradise 2 Deluxe

Arcade - Released - 1994

Paradise Deluxe

Arcade - Released - 199


Arcade - Released - 1996

Penky is a Puzzle / Outline game developed by Yun Sung in 1996 for the Arcade.

Puzzle Club

Arcade - 2000

Puzzle Club is an arcade compilation title developed and released by Yun Sung in 2000. The arcade machine consists in a compilation of 6 puzzle games, all of them ripping off some content from an existent game: 1. Magic Eye (Find the Errors) 2. Box Logic (Picross clone) 3. Mad Ball (Breakout clone with naked woman in background) 4. Magic Bubble (Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move clone with naked woman in background) 5. Bogle Puyo (Puyo Puyo clone) 6. Rocktris (Tetris clone with naked woman in background)

Search Eye

Arcade - Released - 1999

Search Eye is a find the hidden items puzzle game developed and published by Yun Sung in 1999.



Arcade - Released - 1997

Shocking was produced by Yun Sung in 1997. You enter various rooms, each with a different challenge to complete. Solve puzzles to get through mazes, and kill monsters along the way.

Target Ball

Target Ball

Arcade - Released - 1995

A classic pool shooting game with strip poker elements.

Target Ball '96

Arcade - Released - 1996

Pretty simple pool game that rewards you with a pic of a partially clothed woman after you succeed at meeting the target score for each round. Maybe they get nekkid at after so many rounds, I only got to 2 or maybe 3 pics.

Wonder Stick

Arcade - Released - 1998

Wonder Stick is an adult maze game in the model of the 1981 Konami classic, Amidar. The objective is to encircle sections on a grid while avoiding the enemies in order to remove the blocks and reveal the hidden nude image underneath. Once all of the blocks are removed the stage is complete. The player character is penguin that drops a line to encircle blocks while the button is held down. At the start of each line the player drops a tag. The tag will return to the player if the button is let go or will circle around any blocks that are fully enclosed by the line. Enemies can be killed by this moving tag and will drop either power-ups or food items for the player. If a situation gets too hairy the player may use a help, denoted by the fish icons in the upper-left hand corner, which will momentarily stun enemies and allow the player to pass by them unscathed. Every five levels the player gets to play a bonus level where he can travel a grid with no enemies for the purpose of picking up food items and extra lives before the end of the time limit. The game is over once the player has lost all of his lives.

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