Alpine Slopes

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

Alpine Slopes (released in Italy under the name Antica Arte dello Sci) is your typical 80s downhill skiiing game. There are no flags in this game, but you do have to avoid hitting the sides of the screen. This was developed by Peter Gerrard and published by Duckworth Home Computing as a type-in program in the book "Sprites & Sound on the Commodore 64" and by Jacopo Castelfranchi Editore (JCE) in the Italian translated version of the same book titled "Sprites & Suono del Commodore 64" The italian version does have one minor difference, but that only difference being that it's played on a light grey background as opposed to the white background that is used in the English version.

Alternate Names
  • Antica Arte dello Sci Italy Italy



Not Rated

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